Dot Grid Template

New shop item! The first of many printable stationery is available in my store now!

As fun and amazing as it would be to be able to produce and sell all the journals, notepads, and stationery my brain can come up with, it's just not in the cards for me right now. I'm also figuring out how I can create products while being sustainable at the same time. One of the solutions I've come up with is selling stationery and templates that people can print at home. This allows people to be able to have a nearly unlimited amount of sheets, and I won't have to create and store a large amount of journals that may or may not sell. I will still produce and create single sheet items though like wall calendars, artwork, cards, and so on.

I really enjoy creating simple paper tools, and I hope others find value in them too. My first item is a basic dot grid template. It comes in 9 colors, portrait and landscape, and includes a .5 inch grid. Purchase one today for the cost of two fancy donuts (or one depending on the bakery)!

Red and orange dot grid paper
Gold and green dot grid paper
Blue green and blue dot grid paper
Purple and magenta dot grid paper
December 14, 2020