Hi,  I'm Janey.

I’m an independent designer working remotely in Nashville, TN with my two pups. I specialize in interface and information design for applications and websites.

What I Do

My background is in graphic design, illustration, and web design. For a few years, I focused on product design. Now, I’m honing in on my curiosity for interfaces and information. I’m using this time as an independent designer to explore the possibilities within these fields for organizations and entrepreneurs while also creating my own work to educate others on the important topics of food, dogs, and design.

But Why?

I believe that it’s important for me to show others that someone who is more introverted is able to work independently on their own terms. After helping others pursue their ideas, I wanted to pursue mine and be able to lead with my core values of education, respect, humility, and experimentation. I also believe that laughter is the fuel for creativity so food, dogs, and design is my silly way of referring to nature, science, and culture.

My Big Five results in a bar chart. Extraversion: 33%; Openness to Experience: 88%; Agreeableness: 83%; Conscientiousness: 54%; Negative Emotionality: 50%